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P1WS Press Releases

Page One Marketing Team Completes Google Analytics IQ Certificates

Portland, ME: Page One Web Solutions is proud to announce that the entirety of our marketing team has completed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test and have received certificates of their success.

The Google Analytics IQ is a demonstration of proficiency in Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool we use regularly to develop digital marketing strategies and assess the success of campaigns. It is invaluable for a digital marketing company to be able to effectively understand and dissect the data that we are given through Google Analytics to better serve our clients.

Our Director of Marketing, Jenika Pouliot, shared, “It's our goal and responsibility to advocate for our clients and offer them data-driven recommendations about where to put their marketing dollars. Agencies should have strong analytical skills as well as proven knowledge of the tools they are using. Google Analytics notably provides invaluable insights into customer demographics, marketing initiative performance, and much more. Having all of the marketers at Page One GAIQ certified allows our clients a level of trust and confidence knowing that a marketing team with top-level Google Analytics expertise is working to improve their digital marketing performance.”

Page One Web Solutions is proud to be a Google Partner, which is a status awarded to agencies that have the aptitude and experience to meet strict Google requirements. Our team is always striving to be the most innovative and forward-thinking digital marketing agency possible.

Page One Web Solutions is a digital marketing agency located in downtown Portland, Maine. Founded in 2006, Page One has successfully implemented countless digital marketing strategies and initiatives for clients across a variety of industries.