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Common Mistakes when using Google Analytics

Posted April 13,2017 by Patrick

It’s a pretty well-known thing around the office that I’m the “numbers guy” on the team. I have always enjoyed analyzing data and producing findings that help our clients better understand what’s really going on with their marketing both online and offline. While there are many different analytics tools available in the market, far and away the most popular and widely used is Google Analytics. If I’m being honest, I have to admit that I have a serious love-hate relationship with the tool. The thing is, it’s not the tool’s fault, as it’s extremely feature-rich and can be extremely powerful when it’s used correctly. However, more often than not it’s not being using correctly by many businesses. This creates avoidable problems such as trying to use faulty historical data as a benchmark to evaluate future performance of a campaign, whether it is SEO, SEM, Email Marketing or any other marketing initiative, digital or otherwise.

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3 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

Posted April 11,2017 by Alex

April 11, 2017 marks this year's National Pet Day! Although many of us praise our beloved creatures as if National Pet Day were every day of the year, today is even more of an excuse to spoil your pet. This annual occasion was established in 2005 in order to acknowledge the joy, loyalty, and companionship that pets bring into our lives along with spreading public awareness of the animals living without homes in shelters scattered across the world. So, whether your little buddy is furry or feathered, here's 3 different ways you can help celebrate.

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SEO Terms and Jargon, What Exactly Does it Mean? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Posted April 07,2017 by Jenika

The practice of search engine optimization can be confusing! With over 200 ranking factors (some proven, some speculation) and a variety of search optimization tactics (Semantic, Local, Technical, etc.), learning how to practice the art of SEO can feel overwhelming. Plus, what is up with all the SEO jargon? It's like an SEO is speaking another language sometimes, right!? Well, have no fear, we've taken the liberty to create this handy dandy, infographic that breaks down a variety of common SEO terms and jargon. So now you can not only walk the walk, but you can talk the talk. Please download, save, print, share, use this SEO jargon cheat sheet to your heart's desire!

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Why is A/B Split Testing Important?

Posted March 24,2017 by Jenika

A/B testing, also referred to as split testing, is a great way for marketers to find the best way to encourage users to take certain actions on their websites. A/B split testing is when you compare two versions of a webpage, landing page, email, etc. against each other to determine which performs better. A/B testing is important because it can help you optimize your campaign in order to increase performance over time.

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What is Marketing Automation? Is it Right for Your Business?

Posted March 16,2017 by Jenika

Over the past few years you’ve been hearing a lot about marketing automation, but have you considered it for your business?    

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White Hat vs Black Hat SEO: The Basics

Posted March 09,2017 by Chris

Search engine optimization is a fairly new field of marketing that often seems shrouded in mystery to business owners and executives. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that companies began to understand the true value of gaining visibility in search engines, and the ensuing rush to rank left many small business owners scrambling to keep up with the times. The urgency to act, coupled with widespread misunderstanding of SEO, has created a huge market for so-called “seo experts” to take advantage of unassuming clients who aren’t aware of the difference between white hat vs black hat SEO.

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What to Know Before Considering a WordPress Multisite

Posted March 07,2017 by Jenika

What is a WordPress Multisite?

Newer versions of WordPress allow multiple websites to share a single Wordpress installation. This means, as a developer or marketer, you only need to install the WordPress CMS once on your server and you can run as many sites as you want off of that one installation. This may sound like a great idea for a big brand or business with various web needs, but there is actually much to consider before installing WordPress Multisite. In this blog we share some of the pros and cons we have discovered with WordPress Multisite as well as some things to consider before installation.

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Search Engine Ranking Reports Can Be Counterproductive

Posted February 22,2017 by Patrick
One piece of data that helps our team get a good picture of your online visibility is keeping track of how the site ranks for target keywords. The target keywords have been determined through a variety of research - what people may type in to find the website, how competitive the terms are, how often users are actually searching for those keywords, how relative the keywords are to the business, and what the searcher’s intent is behind entering those keywords into a search engine. It should also be noted that keyword rankings are in constant fluctuation.
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Attribution, When Finding Fault Is A Good Thing

Posted February 21,2017 by Ian

As a sibling, I have had a lifetime’s worth of experience with attribution. Broken lamp? That’s attributed to my brother. Leftover candy after Halloween? I’m the first one to see it sitting by the door, so I get the Skittles conversion. In marketing, attribution modeling is determining where a conversion action came from. Whether it is an ecommerce sale, lead acquisition, or other interaction with your website, it is very important to know which marketing channels are responsible for your goal completion. Knowing where your revenue is coming from will let you maximize your investment in each channel and increase the subsequent return.

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Tips on How to Prepare for a Website Redesign

Posted February 17,2017 by Tomisa

A redesign is an exciting chance to freshen up the appearance and update the functionality of your business' website. When a business decides their website needs an upgrade, there is an opportunity to see positive shifts in SEO, an increase of qualified traffic or leads as well as provide their customers with a better user experience. While the outcome of a website redesign is an exciting one, it's also a large project that requires preparation and organization. Here are some tips to help your business and team prepare for what is to come!

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