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3 Ways You Can Celebrate National Dog Day

August 26 marks 2016's National Dog Day! Are you ready to celebrate? If you've been following us on social media then it will be no surprise to you just how much we love our dogs (#P1WSPuppies). Being able to bring our dogs to work with us and enjoying a middle of the day cuddle with the office pups is something we truly value at Page One. So when National Dog Day rolls around each year, of course we're going to take our appreciation of "man's best friend" to another level!

Show how much you care by doing more than just uploading your #NationalDogDay photo to social media. There are so many things you can do not only for your own furry friend, but all of the dogs here in the greater Portland area. Check out our top 3 celebratory ideas and join the Page One team (pups included) and take your appreciation to another level!

1. Adopt
Did you know that there are over 80 animal shelters in Maine with over 25 of them being right here in Cumberland County? There's no doubt there's a few within a 20 minute drive from your home! Check out AnimalSheltersinMaine.com to find a shelter near you.

2. Visit Planet Dog

There are so many pet stores in the Portland area, but our favorite is Planet Dog. Not only are they a local company,
but they also sell products that are made with the best materials possible. We're always finding their Orbee Tuff balls hidden throughout our office for our office pups to use. You can even purchase from them online! Check them out at PlanetDog.com.

3. Make a Donation
Shelters are always seeking help from the community. Time for a little late summer cleaning! Go through your garage, closets, and attic to see if there are any old blankets or toys that you can donate to a local animal welfare organization. You can also fill out a simple check or sign up to donate your time. Anything helps!

Have any other ideas you'd like to share? Leave them in the comments below!


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