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P1WS Celebrates Haiku Poetry Day

haikuHappy Haiku Poetry Day!

Who knew there was a day to celebrate the beautiful haiku? In any case, we thought we would try our hands at a few work-related haiku poems and encourage you to do the same.

According to the dictionary, a haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables - in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.

We hope you enjoy our efforts and that our poems inspire you try creating haiku of your own!

Submissions by Shamus:

Spring awakening;
A heart thawed by a cold beer
The true sign of spring.  

Web developer
Bathed in monitor's blue glow,
Pale skin weeps for sun

Dance, web monkey dance
Edits due by end of day
Clock reads 4 o'clock
A rush of cold air
Muffled laughs and icy glares.
I forgot my pants

Submissions by Emmie:
Google your business
See yourself? Didn't think so
Page One can fix that.
Yes, you need a blog.
Don't question me, It's a fact.
Now pay me to write.
Low monthly budget?
I've got ninety-nine problems
But your blog ain't one. 
So online you don't look lame
Even if you are.

Submissions by Elise:

My work at Page One:
HR, AP and AR.
(Acronyms always.)
Page One is so rad
Fulfilling work, dogs, and more!
The best coworkers
My job at Page One
Makes me happy ev'ry day
Because it is great!
Welcome to Page One
I hope you don't mind some dogs
And lots of awesome

Submitted by Jenika:

Keywords and meta,
SEO, PPC, Yay!
We manage it all.
Short and silly dogs,
Barking and running all day.
Except for in sleep.
There are two Patricks,
Yes, it can be confusing
Two fine Irish lads.

Submissions by Scott:

Mechanical click
A new line of code is done
Hope there are no bugs

Submissions by Erich:

Searching the Google
But I don't see my business
Better call Page One

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