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Signs & Symptoms of Outdated Websites - The Ultimate List


It's been a rainy week here in Portland, Maine, so what do we do to lift our spirits...? We have a fun group message thread to chat about all the ways you can tell a website is outdated. When we were searching online for similar lists we found that we actually had come up with the ultimate list of signs that you might have an outdated website. Even though some of these signs we rarely see anymore, some we actually do. Plus, all joking aside, a website that doesn't appear modern does not leave a good first impression or a lasting impression with your audience. So please, take the time to read our list of signs and symptoms of outdated websites and use this list to ask yourself:

"Is My Website Outdated?"

Your website might be outdated if you can find any of the following:

  1. There is a home button
  2. Your users can sing the entire alphabet while before the website loads
  3. The title tag on your home page says “Home” and your business name
  4. The website does not use an SSL Certificate
  5. The website is not on a responsive platform
  6. You have distasteful clip art and animated gifs
  7. The last blog you posted was when President Obama was in office
  8. The font on your site is Comic Sans
  9. There are a massive amount of spammy links at the bottom of your website or in the sitemap
  10. There is a “hit counter” on your home page
  11. The website is still using Flash
  12. The website is on a discontinued platform/CMS
  13. There is a “Links” page on your website
  14. The site is built with tables
  15. Your users are navigating to 404 pages (broken pages)
  16. The website is using m.website.com or mobile.website.com or website.com/mobile to serve up the mobile version
  17. There is a blog post on your website that starts with… “It always intrigues me why the Star Trek® shows have such great, sexy costumes. Body hugging fabrics are the ultimate in showing off a great…”
  18. The website is not ADA compliant
  19. There is a Guestbook on your site
  20. To get in touch with your business you serve up plain text emails versus employing a user-friendly contact form
  21. The website advertises GoDaddy.com
  22. The copyright date says 2007
  23. All of the anchor text is Click Here
  24. There are “Back to top” links on the bottom of the webpages
  25. The website has custom cursors
  26. The landing pages are jpeg photocopies of brochures
  27. All the CTAs (Calls to Action) say “Learn More”
  28. The website uses text flattened into images
  29. All of the metadata uses caps lock text

If you discovered some of these items on your website, don't worry, it doesn't necessarily mean you need a complete website redesign. You might just need to update certain parts of it. Not sure what you need to get your website up to 2018 (face it, that's where we are headed real soon!) standards? Contact us using the link below, we'd love to chat about how to improve your business website.

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Final Shoutouts
Thank you for my team for the five minutes of giggles, brightening up this rainy week, and helping me create this (hopefully) helpful blog post. You guys are the best ever!