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Using Inbound Marketing Software. It's The Polite Way To Sell.


The New Way of Selling

The more I work with our clients on the principles and execution of an effective inbound marketing campaign, the more I realize that this new way of driving sales is forcing us to rethink how we prospect and sell our products and services. The internet is changing the game, and that change is already in progress. The notion of dropping your current strategy and abandoning antiquated routines isn’t a necessity yet, but it's coming. There’s no question that companies in every industry need to start that gradual transition to an inbound marketing campaign. At the very least, businesses should be in the preparation stages, coming to terms with the knowledge that the internet is changing the way they drive sales for their organization.
The largest factor for inbound marketing is the change in how we gain prospects. It’s about attracting them, rather than forcing yourself on them. This change means the initial groundwork of the sales process is a complete 180 from what it used to be. No one wants to tolerate your sales reps harassing them anymore, so quit that bad habit immediately. The fastest way to do this is by making everything customers want and need available to them exactly when they start looking for it, on their timetable rather than your sales representatives.

Become The Expert and Gain Your Potential Customer's Trust

Inbound marketing, and the advanced software that manages the campaigns, is all about selling in an approachable, organic way. By showing up in your potential customers’ search results as they search online for your products or services, you’re getting the rare opportunity to appear right when you’re needed. Giving your prospects relevant content, updated information, white papers, technical specs, case studies and general data on the product or service they are looking for is akin to offering free appetizers to entice them into a full meal. Gone are the days of teasing and withholding information. Instead, let them know you can fill their need, backing it up with real data and case studies. Chances are they will reach out with some questions, which is the ultimate beginning of a sales process.

Let Inbound Marketing Software Work For Your Sales Process

Not sure how this concept would work into your sales process? Here’s an example: “Thank you for visiting our website after typing centrifugal pump supplier into Google, Mr. Engineer! Here are the technical specs on the ½ HP pump you are interested in. Oh, and here is a case study of a real world application of that model being used in the pharmaceutical industry. Please fill out this contact form and we will get right back to you”. Your prospective customer will be wowed by your wealth of information, the fact that you magically knew what he was looking for, your industry expertise, and most importantly, your eagerness to help. Doesn’t that sound easier than cold calling 1,467 prospects every week?

The New Standard of Doing Business

Does all of this sound too easy? It's not. In fact, we do it for our clients every day and their businesses revenue grows as a direct result of it. That is the start of the standard sales process in 2016 and beyond. Ask yourself, are you showing up where your potential customers are looking? Are you giving your company the positive image it deserves? Are you using the web to begin your sales process in a way that attracts the most customers?

Here at Page One, we know that Inbound Marketing is the new way to sell. We don’t doubt its power, because we see it work every day, and we’re committed to showing our clients just how effective inbound marketing software can be. These sales philosophies are the future, and the new standard of doing business. There’s no better time to get started!  

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This blog is part of a series of blog posts prepared for industrial manufacturers to gain insight on how to improve your business using modern internet marketing tools like marketing automation software and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Read other blogs in this series.

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