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Get Automated: Marketing Gadgets to Powerful Sales Tools

2017-07-20-1This year, transform your marketing sales strategy from lead scoring and nurturing to a marketing automation campaign that will grow revenue. The rate of growth for CRM applications and marketing automation has grown tremendously and is only projected to become more necessary. If you already have a successful inbound marketing campaign in your business’ niche, you may be wondering if your company even needs automation. Is it just another gadget to add to your digital toolbox?

If you already have a successful inbound marketing campaign that focuses on creating amazing content for your audience, then automation can act as more than a gadget, but a useful tool that you will use over and over again. With automation, you have time to create deep, meaningful content that makes your company an authority in the industry, and then easily send it out in a variety of effective ways. It streamlines and builds your online presence, while reaching out to new customers. This is why CRM applications and the use of automation as a part of a strong marketing campaign is growing so fast across the digital marketing world.

How is the Industrial Market Changing and How Can Automation Change the Game?

The manufacturing industry is constantly changing and growing, making it important for individual businesses to be able to pose a problem to their customer and most importantly, be able to solve it. The US industrial market just had one of its best years ever, and 2016 is shaping up nicely as well. There has been a spike in rental prices, decreased vacancies and abundant new construction nationwide for industrial commercial real estate. “The industrial real estate market has fully recovered from the shock of the financial collapse,”Jack Rosenberg, national director of the Colliers logistics and transportation solutions group, tells GlobeSt.com. The market has now experienced five straight years of positive absorption.

  • Industrial developers added 49.5 million square feet 4th quarter of 2015;
  • Vacancy rates are at historic lows;
  • Overall vacancy in the US sank to just 6.4% by the end of 2015, the lowest rate seen in ten years;
  • Absorption hit 252.3 million square feet for the year, more than the 201.9 million square feet of space added by developers;
  • And rents have risen for 17 straight quarters.

This rapid growth has created massive opportunity for industrial companies to position themselves as experts in their manufacturing niche. What does all this mean for your online marketing efforts? Content. Content. Content.When you create engrossing and engaging content for you leads such as white papers and webinars, you can send it out through email and track reader behaviors. This lead nurturing leverages your content and your sales contacts to help guide them to see that your company is the one that will solve their problem. Growth is inevitable, but the funnels your company decides to invest money in to grow your online presence and trust factor, will make all the difference.

Remember, marketing automation is your opportunity to rethink and re-strategize the way your company markets your content and brand. Take the time to understand your current marketing strategy, how your customer want to be marketed to, and how you will build a system that will make it work. If you want marketing automation solutions that can work for your inbound marketing and sales strategy, contact Page One Web Solutions today.

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