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How My Internet Marketing Job Prepared Me for Motherhood

How My Internet Marketing Job Prepared Me for Motherhood

Sounds a little far fetched? Okay, okay I could be stretching things a little too far but hear me out…

Nothing can prepare you for becoming a parent. Well, maybe if you have lots of younger siblings or nieces and nephews… but raising a child of your own when they are your responsibility 24/7, nope, there’s absolutely nothing like it. Luckily, I was able to take some notes from my internet marketing job and apply it to my personal life.

Everything is Always Changing
The internet is always changing. Websites are being born every day, online businesses are being launched, music videos are being uploaded, and new products are being sold. Nothing ever stays the same on the net, it never slows down! It can be overwhelming to try to keep up with. Luckily, this is just how the internet goes. I could let myself go crazy with try to keep up with it or, as I’ve learned, you can find a few trusty sources, keep tabs on them, and then follow suit. This constant change is one of the most important facets of internet marketing that has helped me prepare for being a mom. Newborns so quickly change - everything about them, from their habits to their skills and, like any new parent, I have tons of questions. There’s too much information on the internet and it’s impossible to try to stay on top of every little thing! So, what’s a gal to do? I had to find a few online resources that I trust and spend my time there, versus trying to stay on top of all the thousands of mommy blogs, forums, and professional parenting e-zines. Headache averted! For both internet marketing and motherhood, it’s all about finding that perfect combination of trusted sources, and trusting your gut.

New Gadgets & Tools
Man, kids need lots of stuff. Too much stuff. I think I lost about 40% of my square footage at my house to kids’ stuff. But is it all necessary? Probably not. It’s the same thing I run into as a marketer. There are so many tools - too many tools - and they aren’t all necessary for me to get my job done and done well. While I’m still working on de-cluttering my home, in my internet marketing job I have come to find a few tools I simply could not live without (cough, Google Analytics, cough), but am open to discovering new tools that could do a better job or make me more efficient. For example, my company recently switched call tracking services because our previous tool wasn’t cutting it for us or our clients. This concept gives me a whole new perspective on the many tools and toys that come with being a parent. You don’t need all the gizmos and gadgets to raise a kid right; in fact, just a few essential items are all you need to make life a bit easier. At the beginning we didn’t spring for the swing, but we were able to “test drive” a friend’s and now that has become an essential. In the internet marketing world, there are often opportunities to try a free trial of a new tool, and these can help you decide if it’s worth the investment!

Stick with What Works Best For You
As a new Mom, I’m already getting used to getting advice from other parents, about those little things that were total “game changers” for how they’re raising their kids. This parallels internet marketing flawlessly, because, just like every parent, every business is different! I’ve preached this concept to clients time and time again. Just because YouTube may work really well for your competitor doesn’t necessarily mean it will be YOUR best tool. Just because you’ve seen the big guys crushing it on Instagram doesn’t mean you’ll be able to increase engagement using Instagram too. Find what works best for your company and your skill set and stick to that. Feel free to venture out and try new things but if it’s not bringing you the expected performance, ditch and go back to what works best for you. Like I’ve mentioned before, there are a ton of blogs, books, and other resources that tout “the right way” to do things. But, taking my own advice, I must remember that it’s what works best for me and my family and that becomes “the right way” to do it for us.

Being a parent is hard work (and I’m only four months in!). Thankfully, I’ve learned lots of great concepts throughout my career in internet marketing that have prepared me for my new job as “mom” and I’m sure I’ll be learning a ton more in the future.

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