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Pro Tips For Your Google Ads Landing Pages

Creating a successful paid search campaign is no small task. Between ad group creation, keyword research, and ad copy refinement, you’ll have your hands full quickly.

Choosing the right landing page is one of the key components in the success of your PPC campaigns. They can help guide potential customers to take important actions for your business and convert them into precious revenue. Below, we guide you through a few expert tips to create the ultimate landing page for your business.

Match Landing Page Copy to Your Ads & Keywords

We’ve all heard the saying: “consistency is key”. This rule is no exception when it comes to Google Ads landing pages. According to Google, landing page copy should closely match the copy in your ads and the keywords you are bidding on. This helps create consistency for both Google's AI and the user, which ultimately creates a better user experience. Google will likely reward you for your consistency efforts by increasing the quality score of your ads, hopefully giving you that extra boost in auctions.

Decide What Your Goals Are

Where conversions are often the main focus of most paid search campaigns, you may want to consider a jailed landing page. Giving the user ample opportunity to navigate away from your landing page just might interfere with capturing them as a conversion. Creating a jailed landing page ensures that the user cannot navigate away, and has two options: convert or leave. The better your landing page, the more likely the user is to convert as opposed to navigating away.

Create Separate Landing Pages for Different Campaigns & Ad Groups

This one is a bit of a no-brainer given the other tips we’ve shared so far, but it still needs to be said. Different campaigns and ad groups are going to likely have completely different keyword strategies and ad copy. It is important to have landing pages that reflect each of the unique goals and strategies of each campaign/ad group. We can't stress this enough; the more consistent you are, the better results you will most likely recieve. 

Let Your Brand Identity Shine Through

It’s important for your unique brand style and voice to come through in a landing page. Keep in mind this is often a user’s first impression of your business, and you want to make a good one. Let your brand stand out and offer its unique value proposition -this will help users gain an understanding of who you are and what you stand for as a business.

CTA’s - CTA’s Everywhere!

As we've mentioned, the ultimate goal of your ppc campaigns is often to convert a user, or have them take specific actions on your website. Using call to actions such as submission forms and click-to-call options throughout the page will give users ample opportunity to convert. 

Sometimes Less is More

We live in a world where attention span is, well, limited...to say the least. This is an important factor to keep in mind when building the perfect landing page. Users often get overwhelmed if you’re providing them with too much information at once. Chances are, they’re not going to read every sentence you spent hours meticulously crafting. The small details that are important to you may be “skimmed” by your user. Minimalistic designs are trending, and for a reason. You typically have mere seconds to capture a user’s attention, especially considering the fact that they’re inundated with content every day. (The average user intakes X amount of content per day.)

But Also…Don’t be Too Minimalistic

I know, I know, this sounds a bit contradictory given the previous tip. It’s important to make your copy clear and concise, while providing the information necessary. It’s also important however, that your page isn’t too barren, to properly appeal to Google’s AI’s and previous copy-consistent best practices. It’s important to find just the right balance between providing enough detail, and providing too much.


Creating a landing page can feel like a daunting task, especially when you aren't familiar with best practices and don't know where to get started. We hope these tips help to at least give you that starting point to build your very own landing pages (and hopefully conversions to boot!) As always, you can count on our paid search team at P1WS to give you more insight, advice, and expertly-crafted landing pages. 

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