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Google Ads RIP Expanded Text Ads

RIP Expanded Text Ads: You Won’t Be Missed

Expanded text ads have been a staple in any digital marketer’s Google Ads campaign since we can remember. The easy and short ads only include space for 3 headlines and 2 descriptions, making it far easier to ponder the perfect snippets of ad copy when comparing them to Responsive Search Ads. These ads now, however, have only a limited time left in the Google-verse.

How Much Time Do We Have Left?

In June of 2022, expanded text ads are departing from this earth. According to Google, you will no longer be able to edit or create new expanded text ads. This means that RSA’s will now be your go-to digital advertisement in the Google Search Ads world (if they weren't already). While your existing expanded text ads will still be able to run, Google strongly recommends you make the switch to RSA’s.

Face it.. RSA’s Are Just Better

While these far smaller ads have proven to be useful, RSA’s quite simply have made them obsolete. RSA’s allow for Google’s AI to do its thing: optimize the ad for the best results, based on the user. In a world where user experience is paramount, these ads have allowed for the most relevant headlines and descriptions to be tailored to provide the best experience for the individual Googler.

Goodbye Forever

Although expanded text ads have proven to be useful in the past (with their commonly higher CTR’s and performance metrics), they have now become essentially redundant. No need to create many ads with many variations of headline and description order when Google will do it for you. RSA’s allow you to put 15 headlines and 4 descriptions in a single ad, then will do the heavy lifting for you to get the perfect match with your ideal customer. (At the right time, in the right place...hopping on that Google soapbox.) 

While some marketers may be sad to see the end of expanded text ads, we can say with confidence here at P1WS that they will not be missed. If you're feeling confused, frustrated, sad, in denial, or just plain lost...  our paid search team is here to help with all of your bereavement therapy. 

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