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Buying into more than just Google Ads

Buying Into More Than Just Google Ads

Psst, hey marketers, wanna buy some ad space? I’m sure we’re all on the Google Ads train, and hopefully most of us are replicating our Google efforts on second-place-Bing (now Microsoft Advertising). Perhaps there is some budget allocated to Facebook and Instagram, or a boosted post on LinkedIn. Beyond these headlining mainstays, what other ad platforms are available? Depending on your business and your client’s buyer personas, you might want to look at some other potentially viable ad networks.

Here are a few alternatives to consider for testing.


Quora is a great way to match ads to content that relates to your business. Pros include familiar bidding types; CPC, CPM, and Conversion Optimized. There are also familiar billing options: threshold based with invoicing available. Cons revolve around the comparative network size. You’ll want to start with a small budget to test effectiveness, as Quora is a smaller platform than Google and Microsoft. Try to focus on researching the best audiences for new leads and customers and grow your budget along with increasing lead generation.


You have Reddit up on another tab or browser right now, doesn’t it make sense to advertise there? While Reddit culture is usually one of ad-blockers and cries of r/hailcorporate, there are some benefits to ads on that platform. Targeting is very robust and allows for location, device, interest, and time of day focus. Similar to many ad networks, you can choose CPC, CPM, and Cost Per View bidding options. The best part about making an ad on Reddit? It’s a very similar format to your existing OC; text post, link posts, and video posts. Don’t feel like making an ad post? You can also use Google Ads Display Network placements to bid specifically on the Front Page of the Internet.

Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky is for, well, alternative audiences. Because this is a wholesome blog, I’ll do my best to explain the ad network in a wholesome way. Traffic Junky is a great place for goods and services that might not meet the policy guidelines of Google. If your service is for adults only, or if your product makes claims that a federal agency hasn’t yet evaluated, then Traffic Junky might be for you. They are a visual/display based ad network with available inventory of websites that are also heavily based on viewing visual content.

There are many other smaller or niche ad networks available. If you have some accounts that are chugging along in Google and Bing, consider some test budgets on some of these other networks. Let us know if you find any hidden gems!

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