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New AdWords Interface

The New AdWords Is Mandatory. Oh, And It's Google Ads Now

They did it. It’s finally happening. Abandon hope, all ye who seek a snappy AdWords interface. The long wait is over: the new interface is mandatory. While there are some serious gripes in forums around the Internet, a few of those from me, I’m going to be positive and get excited for what will eventually be a faster and more robust interface for managing ads with Google.

The New Normal

Like with most change, it’s scary at first. Most of us are probably still clinging to the old interface and only using the new for its mandatory aspects like ad suggestion approval. Once you start using the new interface, you’ll see some benefits that will only grow with time. Remember the change to expanded text ads? They’re so much better than the old ads! Fret not, there’s some good to be found in the update. Navigation between ads, ad groups, and campaigns is easier. While not always applicable, the ad suggestions are a definite benefit to ad accounts.

adwords-out-of-touchOne feature that looks promising for phone related conversions is the ability to use bid adjustments for call extensions. Now you will be able to increase frequency of call extensions appearing on mobile devices. Call bid adjustments work similarly to other bid adjustments, allowing a reduction of up to 90% and an increase of up to 900%.

We’ll poke fun at the addition of a video-game-esque loading screen in the new “faster” interface (load screens are there to distract from the loading time, right?), but we believe that Google will continue to improve its speed and usability. We’re looking forward to even more features that come from AdWords. I mean their new name, Google Ads!

Slow Down There Maestro, There’s A New Name for AdWords?

While I am a little nervous with the slower (but allegedly faster?) AdWords interface, one change I am welcoming is the brand shift from “Google AdWords” to “Google Ads.” When Google offers video ads, shopping ads, display ads, and more; it’s much easier to explain to my clients that Google Ads has a medium that fits their marketing plan. I don’t have to explain that a remarketing banner is technically an AdWORDS banner, or that a YouTube ad is managed through AdWORDS. So, for us, Google Ads is finally changing in a way that is beneficial.
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